Sunday, July 13, 2008


I thought that I would give a little update I still don't have a camera so here are a few pictures I found that were cute and funny!!! We miss you guys and wish you guys could be here!!!
A little update to everyone Camron got a job at Sprint and he is loving it!!! His boss is really cool and nice and they get along really really well.... SO, he is excited to be with them for a while and I am excited too because we get killer sweet deals on phones Hahahaha....
Well, I think I got an unlcer on my stomach I have started to work out again and I have been doing sit-ups like crazy and I have a lump in my stomach that is killing me when I touch it and when I sit in a certain position... Not sure exactly what it is I know its just not sore from working out because I know that pain and this is different... Maybe it will go away soon though... Nothing new here we are still working with the dr's on my hormones and trying to get them figured out because I can only be on them for 2 more months and have to stop taking them for a year because I can't take them that long in a row because of something I am not sure thats just what the dr. said so I am assuming he knows what he is talking about. hahaha... Well, we are working on getting a camera so we can actually have some interesting and fun posts on what we are up tooo.... OHH and I am thinking of coloring my hair and want to change it does anyone have any ideas??

Friday, July 4, 2008

This is what happens at 2 in the morning on energy drinks and HUGE SUCKERS!

Hahaha I wouldn't ask, but these are funny and thought everyone would like them. Hope these posts will keep you somewhat updated...

I still dont have my camera so all of these pictures are from my mother in laws camera.... I need to get it fixed because I feel bad not updating more often.

We are playing CATCH UP!!!

Grandma Junnes 80th surprise birthday party this was her present.
Some of the guests... 2 of them were all the way there from England.
Brothers and Sisters.
Taking some fun shots at the party.
Sharmane and Kyle looking gorgeous for driving like 19 hrs to get there...


Sharmane and Kyle right after they were sealed.

All of the handsome men.
What a good looking group.
Camron and me waiting on the bride and groom to come out.
Look how strong they are they can just lift her up with no problem or care.