Sunday, February 15, 2009

Will you be my Valentine?!?!?

We had an AMAZING Valentines day!!! My mother in law stayed with us and woke up so graciously early and made biscuits and gravy for about 15 people!! It was amazing she is the best at making it!!! Camron surprised me with a dozen pink roses and some chocolate and a lil cute mug. He is adorable. Cindy, Keri, Sam, and me went to go and see Confessions of a Shopaholic and it was really good!!! As soon as that was out I drove everyone home and than met up with our Friends Cassie and Jon for a double date. We were going to go and eat at the new Brazilian Grill, BUT there was a 2 and a half hour wait for everyone to get in... SO, we decided just to eat the this lil Mexican place called Ernestos it was really good, but not as good as Brazilian. LOL. We went to Cassie's after that and killed time playing some WII bowling and than we went to go and see He just not that into you.... SO, yesterday was a great day and I got too see 2 chick flicks. =) Hope you enjoy the pictures I will be uploading some more of 'lil Alyssa tomorrow!!!

Hinder Concert

Ya BOI!!! We had a killer time at the concert it was so awesome!!! Amy and me got tickets from her friend Darin... Last minute ordeal literally he called and was like how fast can you and your daughter get here and Keri and Amy was supposed to go, but Keri's friend got to sneak her in because his dad was helping with the concert!!!! So, Amy and me got to get in for FREE!!! HECK YA BABY. It was so fun and I am happy I got to go.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alyssa Rutz is HERE!!!!!!

*Alyssa Rutz*
8 lbs 2 oz 20 1/2 in

Alyssa is here and she is so precious!!! She is a strong little fighter she is having problems with her insulin and fighting an infection. But, she is a trooper so she will hopefully get to come home soon!!! We love so much Alyssa.

Congratulations Lance and Katrina!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


YAY!!! We moved this weekend. We are totally out of our old ghetto fabulous nasty old apt! I am excited to be in a newer nicer apt that is bigger and has more space, but in a way it is also bittersweet... We have lived here since we have been married and have had SO many memories here. I just want to remember all of the special memories good and bad that we expierenced. We had our first 2 year Anniversaries here and had our first place on our own. We learned that I am not the greatest cook and that I found a way to burn ramen noodles. LOL We laid our first set of tile in here and made it our home we turned a boring old apt into our home and made it a wonderful place to come home too.. We had the joy of finding out we were pregnant and than the sorrows of losing our children. We had the joy of finding out my hormone problem and we learned that we can overcome this trial and move on with our lives. We have had the joy of family coming out here and seeing our home where we live and see our lives together.
I am so excited to have this new apt and expierience new memories with my amazing husband. I love his so much and am so grateful that we both have each other to have for all eternity. He is my life and my love and my world!!! Camron, I love you and am excited too see what life brings us in our new apt.

Let's hit the slopes.

This past weekend has been SOOO BUSY!! We went snowboarding/skiing this past weekend up at Brian Head and it was so much fun. Sara came down from Provo and we met her on our way up. So, Shay, Sara, Keri, Carmon, and me all went and it was tons of fun. IT was Keri's first time and she did really good didn't fall too much and she got the hang of it really quick. Except for getting off of the lift LOL she never failed to fall every time getting off of the lift. It was funny. The weather was perfect too because it wasn't too cold, but cold enough we were happy to get back together to our warm weather here in St. George. We also stopped in Cedar at Loves gas station and got the BEST hot chocolate Banana split flavored and it was so YUMMY. I love that stuff. SO GOOD.

We also moved this weekend and it was good we got everything out and on Saturday and put most of the stuff in the kitchen away it looks so good and I am so excited because I actually have room to put my stuff in cabinets so I can actually USE IT!!! I will post some pics of the new apt once it is clean and looks good. There is boxes everywhere and stuff still needing hung up and such so we will wait til I get that done.