Monday, April 28, 2008

We are so HOTT. Don't be jealous.

I love him so much!!! I am going to miss him this week... He is going to Indiana for 6 WHOLE DAYS... =(
I am a crazy rocker yo dont be hatin'....
Hahaha I love him...
You have my heart you crazy man you...
Oops this is the same picture, but I dont know how to take it off... So there is two of my LOVE...


This is where Camron was the majority of the trip. LOL.
We are going to an EXPO thingie at Keri's school and saw some cute lil girls do some dances.
Keri and me!
I <3>
GO rockband. hahaha....
Adrianne and Camron's 8 mo. prego belly hahaha.. Oh and he is pushing this out too its not usually this big.
Baby Jasmine!! She is soo super duper cute.
Da'Shawn and his red lips from flamin hot funions yaaa BOI!!
Us with Adriannes kids except Aiden he didn't want his picture taken...

Baby Jazz and me!!! She is too cute.
We had tons of fun in Colorado with Amy and Keri and can't wait for them to get out here so we can see them more. We played tons of RockBand and just layed around a lot was what we needed... Camron's on his way to Indiana and I would post pictures, but he didnt want to take the camera so we will see maybe his mom will get some pictures. =)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WE are so BLESSED!!!

So, I just want to come on here and say how blessed we all are to be able to live in a country with the freedom of religion and being able to choose ourselves what we believe!! We are so lucky. =) I am so thankful that we have these amazing temples to bless our lives and bring meaning to the work. Words can't even come to my mind to say how grateful I am .....
1. To have an amazing husband who I am sealed to throughout ALL OF ETERNITY!! He is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me and I love him so much.
2. I am thankful that we know and understand the importance of going to the temple and now that we will both be able to attend the temple regualrly (I.E. Camron's new hours and new job) we will definately make that a habit to GO EVERY WEEK.
3. To have an amazing family that I am sealed to and stay with through out all of eternity. I just wanted to share with my family as well how much all of you mean to me and I love and care about ALL OF YOU...
I recently had one of my close friends from high school pass away in a crazy accident. You never know what is going to happen and when it can all change within a blink of an eye that is all it takes. SO, no regrets, let nothing hold you back from being you, and never forget to say I love you to the person you really do love.
Some of you are probably saying ok What's goin' on Sarah being a sap story again?!? You probably think it my hormones and medicine I am on... That does make me emotional and such, but I really truly wanted everyone to know what I am feeling and to realize HOW BLESSED WE REALLY ARE!! We have a temple 3 blocks from our apt and we don't have to travel for HOURS like some people who live in other places. We need to take advantage of it.

This is the St. Louis Temple in the background and I love this picture... This is where I was sealed to the


Monday, April 21, 2008

Every Rose Has its Thorn

So, I was talking to Camron yesterday about when we were dating and what songs used to remind of us each other I.E. one of mine was STICKWITU by the pussycat dolls because I was obsessed with them at this time and than it reminded me of him... So, than he came with a reply with "Every Rose has it thorn!" OK... No I hope that I am not the only who thinks that that choice of a song is like ok now that is a mean choice haha.. I was like why does that remind you of me?! That hurts my feelings and than he astounded me with this remark by saying, Well, a rose does have thorns and it makes the road hard to travel and sometimes it hurts, but in the end it is always worth the travel by seeing what they can turn into by a beautiful rose. Sometimes we had our struggles and stress and that stood as the thorns of the rose. Than when we finally got married and were sealed in the temple to be a family together forever it turned into a BEAUTIFUL ROSE!!! OMG I love my husband so much and he amazes me so much with some of these comments....

Layin' some good 'ol tile!!

This is our kitchen floor before the new tile...
We had to pull up the tile in the laundry room because it was sooo bad!! It was lifting and had water spots and was just disgusting as you can tell....
Haha.. Ok so we were filling up a thing for the tile cutter and it spilled all over my pants! Looks kind of hot don't you think?!
This is like one of the only times you will see me hard at work....
Shay and TAY... We were supposed to lay the tile and the boys babysit... Doesn't look like it turned out like that now huh...?!
Look how beautiful it looks!!
My baby cutting out some tile! He looks HOTT! ;)
Brady spreading the thin set and laying the cut out tile.
This is our front walk way... It is a small area and we didn't need those big ones because they would have been awkward, but this looks amazing!
Laying the grout down.
We had lots of fun playing with the tile and watching the boys hard at work... LOL. Will post pictures of the final thing after we mop it and it looks AMAZZZING. It already does, but we have to wait to mop it a little bit later... So, look forward to it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amy and Keri

Hello you all from Colorado!! Keri and I are looking to be moving to Cedar City Utah soon!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

50th Anniversary Party!

Congratulations Mamoo and Poppy!! 50 YEARS!
Brothers and sisters.
Mamoo and Poppy with the owner of Holiday World their Favorite theme park!!!!

Congratulations to Mamoo and Poppy!! 50 YEARS of sweet and wonderful loving and caring marriage!!! I missed the party because I couldn't catch a flight... OHH THE JOYS of flying standby.... I know that this is not part of the Rutz Family, but Jim and Cindy helped out with the party by taking pictures and taking the screen and stuff for the video!! YOU GUYS ROCK... Seriously, I think I have the best in-laws EVER... they are so amazing and loving!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


They are officially engaged!
Look how beautiful!!!
Congratulations guys and we can't wait to share in your wonderful and exciting upcoming most amazing day EVER when you get SEALED!!! We love you both and wish you well.

Kelly and Steve's Wedding!!

A TOAST!! Check out their food...
First dance.
Grandpa and BreeAnn
Everyone enjoying the wonderful food and decorations.
Congratulations to Kelly and Steve and wish them Many years of love and happiness!! You both looked absolutle gorgeous!!!!