Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mini Marathon!!! 13.1 miles ya so don't be jealous...

So, I finished the race and I was so proud of myself cause I didnt even train for it!! I knew I would finish, but my goal was less than 3 hours and I did it!! WOO WOO.. I am happy, but oh so sore today!! Now it is time for training for next year. LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

Christmas Exchange...

So, we decided that when all the Rutz family was here we would go ahead and draw names since we wouldn't be together again til the Holidays...

Jim- Tyson
Cindy- Sarah
Amy- Cindy
Tyson- Sharmane
Sharmane- Keri
Lance- Amy
Camron- Katrina
Keri- Lance
Sarah- Kyle
Katrina- Jim
Kyle- Camron

Start shopping now while there is some sweet steals going on!!!

Christmas across the United States!

SO, this year we have decided to go to Indiana and spend it with my side of the fam damily!!!! =) I am so excited Camron has never had a Christmas with my family or seen any of our traditions so it will be very EXCITING!!! SO, look out INDIANA!!

I am excited to be with my family and see all of their beautiful faces and expierience and wonderful holiday with them.

Christmas is such a special holiday to me and being able to be with my love and my family will be so amazing that is enough for Christmas for me!!

So, look in the sky for us on Christmas eve morning because we will be landing in INDY and spending a beautiful holiday with everyone!!! Can't wait too see you ALL miss and LOVE you so much.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time for a change.

So, I decided I needed a change to my hair so Cindy colored my hair last night and it turned out good and I liked it a lot!!! Than today sitting at work I kept looking at my nasty dead ugly hair and was like I am cutting it so I went and got it cut after work and the girl did such a good job and curled it WAY cute and showed me how to style it really fast!!! Like I love it so cute!! I was trying to grow it out, but it needed some volume and and poof to it!!!
Ya, I know what your thinkin, but DONT BE JEALOUS of my BEAUTIFUL hair!!! LOL...


So, Lance and Katrina and Alyssa came down too see the family this weekend and it was just SO MUCH FUN having them!!! Alyssa is seriously the happiest funniest baby she makes you laugh just watching her roll all over the floor. She is so adorable. I would post some pics of Lance and Katrina too, but I am a genius who didn't take any pictures at all... These are from my phone. LOL... I am going to try to keep the posts better on my blog since I haven't posted in over a month! OMG I can't believe how bad I am at this.