Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mason's Cyst

Here are some pictures showing the growth of Masons Lymphnodic Malfunction-Hydragroma Cyst... it is so sad too see such a little baby going through all of this, but he is seriously one of the strongest babies I have ever met~!!! He gives me more strength to get through because he is so brave

Mason at about 2 weeks old it had grew from birth, but still not that noticable...

Masons cyst had grown tremendously and the Dr finally agreed with me to interceed and do something so we started the schlerotherapy process!!

You can already tell it is shrinking and he looks a lot more comfortable.

Mason has been through so much in just his short lil 4 month span of life so far, but he has shown so much bravery and courage I love him so MUCH!!!
I am hoping if we continue to keep going with the schlerotherapy route it will eventually shrink and be GONE by his first birthday... WE WILL SEE THOUGH. Cross your fingers.

Let's Compare Similarities

I LOVE love LOVE looking at Gracie's baby pictures and comparing how much my kids look alike!! They are both so freaking adorable and I just love them SO MUCH... Can you tell who is Gracie and WHO is MASON?!?! :)

Finally Announcing my baby BOY!!!

Well, its finally about time I finally announce the birth of my son... Since he was born in October He is super precious and we just love him to peices!!!! I can't beleive I am not a mom of 2!!!! Life changes so much in just a blink of an eye and i am blessed with 2 amazing and beautiful kids!!!