Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yet another year gone by.. Oh how the time flies?!?

My beautiful cake my sister made!!!


Me with all of my presents...

I love them so much!
Today was a lot of fun it was a blast at work we went to eat at Chili's and I got to wear a cute lil tiara all day so I felt like a princess all day!!! YAY. Than Camron took me out to eat to my favorite Chinese restaurant Lucky Buffet and it was so YUMMY. It was funny because I had no idea that Amy had made my cake already and I was all sad when I got home from work thinking that there wasn't going to be any cake. But, when we came home from eating and riding go-karts there was the cake and all of my presents!!! Than Lance and Katrina and Sharmane came over it was a good time and I am glad I have such an amazing husband and family!!!!!! Oh and I got the cutest jacket too from my mother in law and I should be getting it on friday or on Monday of next week. So, we will see...
Here below is me dancing with the balloon that Camron got me it is hilarious! I loved it...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Check out these hotties singin....
My eyes like retarded or sumthin.

So, we had the family over tonight and we had some chili and family game night!!! It was a lot of fun and craziness! I am glad with Amy living here so we have a camera to take pictures!!! =) Will be posting more often now with a camera in the house. LOL
Ohh and by the way for any of you guys lookin' at my blog in between now and Wed just to let ya know Wed is my birthday!!!!!!! HECK YES. Don' be jealous...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Got your ticket yet....

I bought my tickets the other day for the Twilight movie premier!!! 7:05 at Sunset on November 21st baby!!! I can't wait this is totally going to be the movie of the year!!! YAY.

Happy Birthday Keri!!!

Keri turned 15!!! Yay. We had a fun party with some of her friends and family here in the great DIXIE hahaha... WE went and saw Madagascar 2 and it was so funny! I definately recommend it for all ages so cute!!!! LOL.
We also took Keri and Amy to Oasis casino seafood buffet this weekend and it was a lot of fun! They were so happy to have all of those crab legs and bunch of sea food all around them. We forgot Amy's camera so we didn't get any pictures but it was a lot of fun! I think Keri had a good birthday. WE love you KERI and are all so happy that you are closer to your family and around all of us!

Update on happenings!!!

Beautiful St. George!!!
Well, I haven't updated my blog in forever main reason being I don't have a camera and hate updating when I don't have any pictures!
Well, in the past month a lot has happened. My sister in law moved here from Colorado and it has been great having her live here! My niece and her are both living with us right now and Keri started going to school at Dixie Middle School and she seems to be fitting in just great! =)
Good news I am going to be going to school in January and I am so excited I just need to get a little bit more organized and get on with contacting the school about all of my information and stuff... =S Camron has been skating a lot lately and he is getting really good! He recently went to a skating competition in SLC and he won first in a ledge competition. Basically, the competition was an outside comp. and they had to skate different street skating spots and do the best trick and he won first on a ledge spot!!! Pretty amazing for my 25 year old hubby considering he is one of the oldest people out there that is still skating! I love him and he is so amazing at it.. DOn't be jealous. I'll try to update a little bit more often too... No promises though. Hahaha