Wednesday, November 18, 2009

*Birthday aaaaand NEW MOON*

Soooo, tomorrow is my birthday!!! YAY and what better way to celebrate than going and seeing this guy on a huge screen in the next best movie EVER!! I can't wait to go and I can't wait to wear my sweet new shirt I ordered to it either. I hope it comes in the mail soon. I will def take pics and post them!!!

BABY belly

So, this is me on the 12 week mark!! 3 months baby it's obviously old because next week I will be 4 months it is crazy how fast time is going by! I am so excited to find out what we are going to have which will be next appt!!! Can't wait to start buying stuff for my little bundle of joy!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update, update, but no pics =(

Well, I was going to update with all of my pictures from my memory card, but they won't upload onto my computer. SO, OH Well...

Well, update on the baby everything is doing GREAT!! Heartbeat is very strong always around 160... We will find out what we are having our next appt on Dec 10th so we can't wait!!! We are going to try to keep it a secret though until Christmas because that will be our anouncement and present to everyone haha... Let's see how long we can keep it a secret though. =)

So, I had my gall bladder surgery on Friday and it went well, I mean how can it get worse being pregnant and having to have a surgery... talk about SUCK!
Anyways, we showed up on time and was called back to a freezing room waiting to go back to surgery and the only thing separating you from everyone else was curtains hanging on the wall even though we had curtains I felt SO exposed ugh it was bad... SO, there I was sitting there all exposed in a stupid hospital gown and watching TV with my man trying to relax since the nurses were taking there sweet time to do anything. So, after about an hour and a half of just sitting there doing nothing else we read the sign on the wall that said if you have been waiting for more than an hour and your nurse hasn't seen you please go to the nurses station. Well, since I am all exposed in my gown I made Camron go up there and talk to the lady. She finally came in and said oh sorry about the wait, but they had an emergency bowel surgery... GREAT. So, than we found out everyone was on about a 2 hour delay now... So, if you have had surgery on anything you know you can't eat anything after midnight the night before well, being pregnant I WAS STARVING... So, I was getting irritated having such a popular surgeon since now I was on such a delay and than I was notified the girl next too me is having the same surgery, but she is ahead of me on the list... OK fine whatever... But, being pregnant and NOW ON a bigger delay I was so mad. But, finally the time had come for the big removal of the gallbladder, so the anasthesiologist came in to my room to talk to me about the wonderful drugs he would be giving me... He gave me a muscle relaxer before we actually went into the operating room and that made me SO OUT OF IT... I remember Camron leaving and than going back to surgery and being pushed into the room than these things put onto my head to monitor my brain activity during surgery than I was out of it!!!! When I woke up I thought it had been about 10 hours it felt like, but maybe and hour and a half and I had the worst pain ever in my belly ugh some gutted me and left me there to die. That is how I felt and than I have a stupid nurse telling me I need to wake up and keep my eyes open!?!?!? WTC How am I supposed to stay awake when I just had so much pain meds and anasthesia to make me pass the crap out. So, than they moved me to post op and Camron got to come in and see me and I was so out of it and in so much pain. Seriously, I wanted to cry but it hurt to breathe hard because I thought my guts were going to fall out, but the nurse told me to get up and try to go to the bathroom... OK YA NO PROBLEM I was just cut open, but ok let's walk around 20 minutes after surgery and I went in there and lifted up my gown too see 2 incisions and didn't want too look at it anymore because it hurt. So, I was back in bed and the nurse asked me if I wanted some pain medicine and I was like please I am hurting so bad and than they brought me a jell-o to eat so I wouldn't get sick from all the meds in my system now... During surgery I guess I was dry heaving or something so they had to give me a double dose of Zolfran and let me tell you that is the pregnancy LIFE SAVER of nausousness it is amazing so I wasn't afraid of getting sick eating that jell-o. So, literally 10 minutes after I get my pain meds the nurse is talking to me while my eyes are rolling in the back of my head because I am so tired and she is like well let's get you dressed and out of here before you pass out again... OK COOL When they say same day surgery that is what the mean!! But, it was nice to come home and lay in my own bed and sleep.
The dr. did talk to us before we left and he let me know there was a lot of stones in the gall bladder itself and in the bile duct so that explains why I was in so much pain now for so long! I am glad to have it done now and not have to stress about it also happy that the baby is a champ and took going through the surgery with me ok!! This baby is a fighter it ran in a mini marathon with me and went through surgery.
So, I am home ALL WEEK THIS WEEK from work so I am going to try to get my pictures to upload so I have a more exciting post.