Friday, August 16, 2013

Stop growing!!!

My kids are growing up so fast I feel like if I blink again they are going to be in school, driving, and leaving home! There are days that I seriously am done and just need a break, but as soon as nap time hits or bedtime it makes it all better! I'm so blessed to be their mother and I couldn't be more happier God chose me to be their mother!!! 
This is Miss Princess with her outfit she bought with her birthday money! She was so proud 
Wow! This boy... I just love him to pieces and all the messes he makes! 
Isn't this just so adorable?!? Gracie being sweet to a rabbit at the fair! 
Just a normal day with lil man playing hide and seek for mommy to come find him squealing somewhere!! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trying to get Healthy

So, I have been trying to be healthier in my daily habits as well as my eating habits. Anyone who knows me knows I love fast and convenient so the fact the drive thru and fast food is so convenient and no mess and no kitchen clean up I just freaking love that idea!! But, realistically no one can afford to eat out every meal and it isn't healthy at all for me or my kids. I feel like I do so good during the day and can avoid sweets and eat fruit or something healthy in replace for when I would eat chocolate or something worse and then evening comes.... DUN DUN DUN... I put the kids to bed and all of a sudden I AM STARVING!!!! What the heck?!?!!? I know that is the WORST time to eat too... It never fails my stomach is just growling and acting like I haven't fed it in a year. I have been trying to just eat cereal and call it good, but then I end up caving and eating chocolate or something worse and then I just feel like I am starting back from scratch and getting NO WHERE with trying to be healthier. UGH, why does it have to be such hard work? But, I am getting better at working out I have been going on some pretty awesome and long bike rides and putting our bikes to some good use that we got off of Craigslist for a steal! HECK YES, we are working them good... we have replaced the stupid tubes I think like 10x at least beacuase living in the lovely desert we keep running over spikes or a sticker or something that punctures my tube and then needs a lovely replacing before I can enjoy another basking in the sunlight bike ride. I just went out the other day to enjoy a bike ride and low and behold I have a flat tire! It seriously ruined my night and I pouted about it for a good solid couple hours. But, its not like it made it any better. But, with Fall fastly approaching I am going to keep trying to stay on this healthy bandwagon and not gain a bunch of weight with all the yummy goodness alll around!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This Girl is ON FIRE!!

So, I feel I need to start blogging again... I have so many thoughts and random things I want to just vent about, but I don't feel like blowing up FB with all of my nonsense. SO, much has happened since my last blogging... -My son turned 1 My daughter turned 3 -Thanksgiving -Chirstmas -New Years -Basically a whole freaking year passed and I didnt document it on my blog... SAD DAY. Mason medical treatment on his lymphatic malformation is getting worse... I was basically just using this blog as an update and keeping everyone posted with Masons medical treatment and such. But, I found out last year at one of his follow up appt that his cyst can grow inward/outward/and multiply and EVEN GROW ON HIS TONGUE!!!! Hello, why did the Dr's not feel the need to tell me this like when he was born with it and diagnosed?!?!!? Ugh, don't get me started on the Dr mess, but anyways he now has a cyst that is growing on the back of his tongue and is basically, right where he swallows. Poor guy, just cant ever catch a break so he has had this cyst drained a few times and they will have to continue to drain it and end up cutting it out because it will just continue to fill with liquid quicker and quicker. Talk about a freaking panic attack... I hate having my baby go through all of these procedures, poking, prodding, and it's just not fair for lil man. I wish I could just take it all away, but I can't. But, look for more exciting posts to enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My babies!!

Just a few pics of my precious babies... Also making this post from my phone so seeing if it works!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pictures with the Kiddos!!

WE did pictures of the kids this weekend... I took a few candids behind the photographer!!! I can't wait to get the finished product from Alecia Dawn Photography...