Sunday, March 22, 2009


Check out my AMAZING bag I got with Edward on it!! I am in love with it

Cassie and me at the party at Hot Topic

Hahaha I love this girl!

Cassies sister in law Jessica
So, we had SO much fun this weekend at the release of TWILIGHT OMG we were so there at the party and so much fun... SO, I am totally a retard and was like I wonder if the movie store in Hurricane is going to be open til midnight to release the movie so about 1130 I called them and than they were like ya if your here at midnight and so we BOOKED it over there and I was first one at that place who got my movie at MIDNIGHT!!! We have watched it like 6 times now too... Lil obsessed but who cares I cant wait for the 2nd one to come out....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

***Happy Birthday AMY!!!!***

Happy Birthday AMY!!!

Yesterday was Amy's Birthday and she had to work, but we didn't let that get in our way of having fun. We took her to eat at Red Robin and some of the family and friends were there so surprise her. We had a fun time there and enjoyed the yummy good food. After that we went to our apt for cake and ice cream and to enjoy some good fun of singing American Idol karaoke it was a lot of fun.
Hope your birthday was LOADS OF FUN Amy we love you so much!!!!


Camron, Keri, Manuel, and me went bowling a couple of weeks ago and it was fun getting out and doing something different. It's cool too because this bowling alley is like a block away from our apt so lots of fun. Hope you enjoy all of these pictures while I am cleaning off my camera. Haha.

PLAYING catch up

Here's a lil collage from when Amy, Keri, Darin, Camron and me went to go and eat at the Brazilian Grill here in St. George. It was a lot of fun and oh SO YUMMY!!! There grilled pineapple is so to die for. This place is amazing and lots of fun for entertainment.