Thursday, October 9, 2008


Camron proposing!!! Asking to be my prince for all eternity!!!
This is where it all started! <3 This is one of my fav. wedding pictures too... =)
OMG these 2 years have gone by so FAST and so much has happened!!! We moved out to St. George and both were scared.. Newlyweds throwing ourselves out into the world. No more Mom and Daddy's to help us out of bad situation we are adults and we have to learn the hard way. The first year was hard not being able to see our families as much, but I got a job with SkyWest and now we can fly home whenever we get a lil homesick and miss them... We have grown so much. We have had some great times and some really hard times. We had to go through the trial of having 2 babies taken from us. That is so hard I can't even put it into words. We want a baby so bad, but through these trials and tribulations we are learning to hold on to what we have and to each other because this is all preparing us for the rest of our lives... This is just the beginning. We went through Camron without working and went through financial difficulty, but came through. We have had the joy too see his brother and sister go through the temple and marry the love of their lives. It was such a joy too expierience that and remember the promises we made to each other when we were kneeling across the alter. Being married to your best friend is amazing and I love Camron with all of my heart and am so blessed that I found him! He is my world and he helps get me through all of the hard time I will ever go through. It's hard to think this because I thought I couldn't ever love him anymore than the day I met him... But, every day I grow to love him more and more!! He is amazing and the best this that ever happened to my life! He is my everything... Ok, So I keep going on about he is so good to me, but this is my time becuase it's our Anniversary. =) LOL.

This is us excited about our Eternity to come!!! I love you until the end of eternity.......

Vegas with my mom and sister in law!!!

Me and my momma!!!
This is me and my sister in law Brooke!!!

So, my mom and sister in law Brooke came into town this weekend and we had SO MUCH FUN!!! OMG it was a blast we went to Vegas and totally partied like ROCKSTARS... YOU know it... LOL We stayed at the Stratosphere hotel and had so much fun we rode the swings on top of the space needle and than strolled down the strip and visited all of the exciting stuff =)
Ohh and I have to mention the whole fact that we got into trouble with security because I go to this show all the time too see the band called Yellowbrick Road play. They are amazing and they usually don't ID you when you go into this show... Well, I left my ID in the car not thinking about it and we got in there and they were taking everyone's ID's I was like OK what the crap they never ID so we went up to the guy to go in and he wouldn't let us in and than he found out I had no identification on me so Brooke and me were talking about what we were going to do if we wanted to go back to our hotel or stay for a bit and we turned to my mom and she was GONE... She went and gambled and left us... So, the big black guy came up to us and was like I need to have you go get your ID or you need to leave because the camera's are watching you now that they know you don't have ID on you... I was like OMG what do I do.. We were just going to go to the car so we were like I gotta call my mom and than Brooke was like I have your moms phone and I was like crap and my mom had my keys too... So, needless to say these guys had to walk us over to a restaurant area where "WE COULD STAND" without getting into toruble for not having ID they finally found my mom and told her I was in a fight and needed to be identified before I got arested... Hahaha it was totally a joke, but it was funny!!!