Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My camera broke so heres some old pics to entertain ya!!!!

This is right before Tyson ripped the crotch of his pants!!
New Years in downtown St. George
Dancing on New Years.
Camron and me waiting at Holiday World to ride the RAVEN.
Shar and me at Holiday World again.
Ok, so my camera broke this weekend!!!! =( I am so sad I loved that camera and lived through it and it was my life hahahaha... I am obsessed with pictures so I will be getting one very soon very VERY VERY soon so I can share all the upcoming events!! Its going to be crazy my parents are going to be here tomorrow night and than Amy and Keri are going to be moving to St. George this SATURDAY!!! Ohh and Sharmanes wedding on FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!! Heck yes... Dont be jealous fools. I am so excited too see all of our family again and get a fabulouso picture!!!! I miss all of you guys especially Mom and Dad Rutz =( I wish you guys were out here... But, soon very soon you willbe and who knows maybe your house will sell. That would be awesome!!! Willl update soon and hopefully will have a camera than. LOL.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day in Indiana!!!

Happy Mothers Day Mom!! We love you so much and are so happy we could come and see you... It might have been a very short stay, but it was lots of fun and can't wait too see you guys in JUNE!!! Hope the rest of the day is good to you and just remember how much all of your kids love you! You mean the world to us and thanks for being such a great role model for us in all you do. =)
Its going to be a crazy month of June Camron turns 25!!!!!!! Having my family come out first week of June, Sharmane and Kyle's wedding, trip to Colorado, and skating competitions we are totally swamped, but CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I hate hospitals...

This is me in the ER on Wed. night. It was bad I had a major attack on Tuesday night all during Idol til about 2 o clock in the morning and than finally went to bad taking some nyquil to relax cause I had nothing else to take to calm down... My inhaler was all gone and I couldn't get into the dr. til a couple of days later....
On Wed. at work my back was killing me and my lungs every time I took a breath and than I would go to the bathroom and calm down so I didnt go into another attack... Well,the day FINALLY ended and went home to rest ... Well, about 5 mintes after getting home I had another attack, but not as strong and than realized that I needed to go to the ER because this isn't normal for them to keep on happening, my sister in law drove me to the ER and than they got us in and hooked me up to all of these machines.I was doing good and went to the bathroom and all of a sudden I fell down and started puking and shaking. I fell to the floor and my O2 leval dropped to about 75 and they put me on some O2 to make it a little bit better. There was fluid in my lungs my right one was completely full and the left one was half full... I have been taking breathing medications every 4 hours, but I usually go into an attack before so I am getting them about every 2 hours... Last night was good. I had a Code Alpha at about 8ish and that is because I kept passing out and than would stop breathing so I had 7 nurses and 2 drs in here... I dont remember that at all its still kind of a blur because of not breathing it was horrible... they gave me some albuteral breathing meds like triple the dose of an inhaler and it didnt do anything but make me shake... I was on morphine to take some shaking away and to calm down and sleep but the Albuteral has kept me awake a long time... So, thats not working to well. I have also been on fenagran because I haven't kept anything down and the last time I ate was Wed. afternoon at Pizza Factory and that came up in the ER so ever since than nothing has stayed down... I am also on Adavan and two other medications for my stomach to calm down i that I can keep something down. Which has not been very keen.
So, 2 drs. just came in and confirmed I am not pregnant which is good at this point because they put me on morphine and other medications that if I was pregnant my baby would be messed up from the steroids I am on and other medications. So, that is kind of a blessing in a way to wait to have a baby until this is under control...
No knew updates I will bestaying again tonight and don't know how long now because my white cell blood count was very high and they think it is pneumonia and if that is so with the athsma they have to be careful...
This is also very stressful because all I keep thinking about is how am I going to pay all of this hospital bill because we dont have dual coverage like we did before so this is gonna hit us hard man... But I shouldnt be thinkin about that right now...