Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miss Alyssa!

Weekend in SLC

Camron, Alyssa, and me getting ready to go swimming at the Rec Center
Chillen in the pool it was so nice!!

We went up to SLC this weekend to hang out with Lance and Katrina and Alyssa it was a fun and relaxing weekend nice to just get away!!! It was beautiful weather too up here sunny the whole time good thing we came up because it was rainy in St. George LOL.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

29 Weeks!

YAY!!! I am in my last 20's week I will be in the thirties next week! WOO HOO. I am loving being pregnant right now... The nesting stage I think is driving Camron nuts, but you know what it will be so awesome when the baby gets here and everything is ready because I have been hard at work trying to organize everything. What sucks though is there is no room in this apt to store like ANYTHING... we have like every nook and crany already filled its going to be insaine trying to find more room for the baby, but I know we will!!
My amazing husband is getting the crib as we speak so I can set it up and decorate before I go to Indiana for my shower next week. I told him I would like to have everything here so when I get back I will have somewhere to put all of Gracelynn's clothes. She is going to be so spoiled and I can't wait too meet my baby girl!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

27 Weeks!!

This post is a couple of days late, but better late than never. Nothing new has changed except that my belly keeps growing and growing!! Hahaha... You can definitely tell that our lil girl is becoming stronger everyday by her powerful kicks too the bladder!! I think after this pregnancy my bladder will never be the same! I don't see how people can recover from more than 1 baby in there. I am sure I could do it, but 1 is just fine for me.

I ordered Gracelynn's bedding for her nursery and it was supposed to be here on Friday, but sadly has not been delivered yet. I am hoping it will come on Tuesday so than I can start decorating her nursery and getting it ready for her! It is going to be SOOO adorable I can't wait! Once it is set up for real in her room I will definately post pictures for all too see how cute it turns out!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Alyssa!!!

This weekend we went up to SLC to celebrate Alyssa's 1st birthday!! I love this girl she is sooo funny and adorable! She is walking all over and it was fun too see her toddle all over!
It was so fun too see Katrina and Lance and spend time with them! We miss them down here, but it is so good to hang out with them...

After Alyssa's party Camron and Lance went to go and see Avatar 3D and than Kat and me went to go and see Dear John... It was so good, but ending kind of sucked. I guess they ran out of money during the making or something...

Having the wonderful expierience of flying with my job we got too fly up to SLC instead of making the 4 hour drive too see Lance, Katrina, and Alyssa... It was so nice!! I love being able too fly and glad I can still fly for now the Dr. says its ok and we will just keep making sure each appt!
I have a baby shower the first weekend in March and I am just going too say this LOUD and CLEAR I am SOOOO HAPPY I AM NOT FLYING ON ONE OF THESE PLANES THERE... I am glad it is a big plane and have more leg and elbow room and they don't shove you in ther like sardines in a can!!! I don't think I could handle a 4 hour flight like that... After the 1 hour flight too SLC I was SO READY to be off of the plane and stretch out my legs and back. LOL.