Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trying to get Healthy

So, I have been trying to be healthier in my daily habits as well as my eating habits. Anyone who knows me knows I love fast and convenient so the fact the drive thru and fast food is so convenient and no mess and no kitchen clean up I just freaking love that idea!! But, realistically no one can afford to eat out every meal and it isn't healthy at all for me or my kids. I feel like I do so good during the day and can avoid sweets and eat fruit or something healthy in replace for when I would eat chocolate or something worse and then evening comes.... DUN DUN DUN... I put the kids to bed and all of a sudden I AM STARVING!!!! What the heck?!?!!? I know that is the WORST time to eat too... It never fails my stomach is just growling and acting like I haven't fed it in a year. I have been trying to just eat cereal and call it good, but then I end up caving and eating chocolate or something worse and then I just feel like I am starting back from scratch and getting NO WHERE with trying to be healthier. UGH, why does it have to be such hard work? But, I am getting better at working out I have been going on some pretty awesome and long bike rides and putting our bikes to some good use that we got off of Craigslist for a steal! HECK YES, we are working them good... we have replaced the stupid tubes I think like 10x at least beacuase living in the lovely desert we keep running over spikes or a sticker or something that punctures my tube and then needs a lovely replacing before I can enjoy another basking in the sunlight bike ride. I just went out the other day to enjoy a bike ride and low and behold I have a flat tire! It seriously ruined my night and I pouted about it for a good solid couple hours. But, its not like it made it any better. But, with Fall fastly approaching I am going to keep trying to stay on this healthy bandwagon and not gain a bunch of weight with all the yummy goodness alll around!

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