Friday, August 16, 2013

Stop growing!!!

My kids are growing up so fast I feel like if I blink again they are going to be in school, driving, and leaving home! There are days that I seriously am done and just need a break, but as soon as nap time hits or bedtime it makes it all better! I'm so blessed to be their mother and I couldn't be more happier God chose me to be their mother!!! 
This is Miss Princess with her outfit she bought with her birthday money! She was so proud 
Wow! This boy... I just love him to pieces and all the messes he makes! 
Isn't this just so adorable?!? Gracie being sweet to a rabbit at the fair! 
Just a normal day with lil man playing hide and seek for mommy to come find him squealing somewhere!! 

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Tina Bradley said...

Hey, Doll! Your blog is fabulous--and your family is so beautiful. I am so sorry to have heard about Eric. It's simply heartbreaking. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Big, big hugs, T (fellow blog stalker). :)